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Upcoming Events!

My Secret Garden hosts a variety of events throughout the year. On this page, one may find that there are a variety of upcoming events available for bookings. Events include lovely gatherings for personable princess meet & greets, delightful holiday tea parties with exquisite theming, or special dress-up days.

A majority of these occasions, happen only once & are very rare to find taking place again throughout the year. Be sure to make a reservation if you are interested in one of the events as soon as possible. Many of our events have limited capacity due to our venue spacing & guarantee to a personable intimate experience. For a more personable notification of new events, sign up for our newsletter, featured on our home page! 

To make a reservation, call/text (815)922-1237 or email us at

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Coming Soon!

Fairytale Princess Ball: Dining Experience

Celebrate the season of spring with a beautiful Princess Brunch, draped with picturesque elegance & floral linens & decor. Each table will be graced with beautiful antiques & spring decor, paired with lovely laces & chic fine China. The guests will meet the hostess, Princess Aurora, & then head to the Royal Fairytale Hall to meet Ariel & Princess Belle! Princess Aurora has invited her three Good Fairies to adorn the tearoom into an elegant floral ballroom for her guests. After the young princesses meet each Princess, the guests will venture into the Hope tea room & suite to find their reserved seating. Princess Aurora will perform an intimate ballroom dance & perform a welcoming declamation as the other princesses will perform a royal precede. The Princesses will all follow with assorted dancing & perform some of their very favorite songs. As the dining show is in performance, the guests will be treated to a delicious refreshing menu of pastries & other various treats, along with a lush lavender lemonade. The guests will participate in portraits with each of the Princesses & listen to some of their very favorite stories! Each guest will receive a specialized signature autograph from all of the Princesses. 


Event includes:​​

  • Royal meet & greet with Princess Aurora, Belle & Ariel

  • photoshoots & photo ops with the Princess Characters

  • ballroom dancing & singing with the Princesses

  • Royal Ballroom dining performance

  • storytelling from the 3 Princesses 

  • elegant tea party brunch

    • lush lavender lemonade

    • assortment of hot teas for adults

    • toasted buttered croissants

    • warm cinnamon roll bites

    • fresh fruit cup medley

    • gourmet pastries

  • specialty Royal Autograph from the Princesses


Event is 2 hours long.

$85/guest under the age of 12 plus 20% gratuity

$45/adult over the age of 12 for

dining experience plus 20% gratuity

This event has limited capacity & reservations book quickly.

Available for girls & boys ages 3-12 & adults!

Adults must be accompanied by a guest under the age of 12.

Event is open to the public,

but reservations must be made in advance!

Saturday, May 11th from 11:00-11:45 am

Mother's Day High Tea

To celebrate all of the wonderful mamas & grandmothers! Join us for a specialty tea time to celebrate Mother's Day! Tables will be elegantly graced in spring decor with beautiful floral elements & shabby chic antiques. 

Invite all the lovely ladies in your life for a beautiful tea party with a delicious and delectable menu! Guests will each have a menu at their seats! Each Mama will receive a take home bouquet of beautiful fresh flowers as a thank you! There will be a beautiful backdrop for photo ops & each party of guests will receive one precious retouched & edited portrait taken by My Secret Garden.

High Tea menu:

  • caprese salad w/balsamic vinegar drizzle

  • chicken salad croissants or gourmet pb & j tea tart for young guests

  • assortment of fresh pastries

  • chilled lavender lemonade

  • chilled lemon water

  • assortment of hot teas

$45/guest plus 20% gratuity

$35/children under age 12 plus 20% gratuity

Event is 45 minutes long.

Special discount for 1 adult & 2 children of

$125 including gratuity through April 11th.


Afternoon slots available on April 6th

Blooming Beauty Tea Party

Celebrate the beauty of spring with one of our very own specialty tea party events with our tea tables graced in beautiful chic spring decor & a specialty makeover for the participating young ladies. Young ladies will receive an elegant makeover with fanciful eyeshadow, a sparkle glitter for their eyelids, a rosey blush, an elegant take-home lipstick, & a beautiful lavender nail polish application. These young ladies will receive an elegant flower crown for their hair & then they will head into the hope suite for an beautiful photoshoot & be seated for a delightful tea party. Name place-cards will adorn each table seating for each guest.


  • warm buttered croissants

  • fresh fruit

  • cheese cubes

  • gourmet pastries

  • specialty cake dome favors

  • lavender lemonade

  • chilled lemon water

Little Lady pricing: $45/girl plus 20% gratuity

includes take home flower crown, makeover, elegant tea party, & specialty cake dome


Lovely Lady pricing: $30 plus 20% gratuity

includes lovely tea party & specialty cake dome

add-on flower crown : $10

add-on fresh flower bouquet: $6

Reservation slots are 45 minutes long.

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