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Welcome to the

Royal Fairytale Hall

Step into a fairytale book elegantly graced with hidden details from some of your beloved character's kingdom adventures & beautiful stories. This suite will host princesses from Princess Belle to Princess Ariel & all of our lovely princesses in between. In our elegant suite, guests will find some of the princesses' kingdom portraits with their romantic princes, sweet animal friends, & of course all of the adventure that awaits them from their happily ever afters. This Royal Fairytale Hall will be magically transformed throughout the year with the help of Cinderella's Fairy Godmother & her magical wand to enchant the space for each different character. The princesses will use some help from their fairytale friends to elegantly grace the space & feature some of their cherished storybooks, ballgowns, & classic antiques from their lovely stories.  


Precious Portraits

 An enchanting royal hall where a beloved princess awaits you for the most fanciful of portraits. Our Royal Fairytale Hall features an enchanted vanity for primping & pampering for a princess' next royal cabaret, an elegant mantle for the most beautiful of candle lighting, precious fairytale figurines, & a majestic magical mirror. In the left corner of the suite, guests can venture over to the darling dresser that is adorned in some of the featured princess' family & self portraits, along with portraits of their happily ever afters with their cherished prince. In every corner of this elegant hall, a young princess will find portrait opportunities galore & they will feel as if they really did step right into a fairytale.

Fancy Fairytales

My Secret Garden will be hosting wonderful Princess Meet & Greets throughout this holiday season, along with a variety of other Princess Character events! Each date will be characterized to highlight the special guest character for the duration of the event. Characters will engage in enchanted tales & story tell their kingdom adventures as they interact with each guest. The enchanted wardrobe will be decorated with whimsical elements & themed gowns from each character's kingdom. 

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It is not the intention of My Secret Garden to violate any copyright or trademark laws. Any resemblance to copyrighted, licensed, or trademarked characters is not our intention & entirely coincidental. By booking one of our Princess Characters & visiting our Winter Suite, you hereby are affirming that you are aware that we do not represent nor offer any licensed, copyrighted, or trademarked characters at My Secret Garden.

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