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The Mini Bridal Suite & Gowns

Gorgeous Gowns & Beautiful "Brides"

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This room is the perfect space for all of the elegant ladies! Here, we have glamorous wedding gowns & elegant lace veils, for all of our little "brides". You will also find gorgeous gowns for the graceful & sophisticated ladies looking for a pop of color perhaps or maybe just a classic gown. We have dresses even for the little ones that are precious & so very adorable! Our Charming Mirror is a feature in both our Enchanted Princess Suite as well as this, Mini Bridal Suite, in which is adorned in beautiful flowers & greenery. We carry all of our fanciest fans on our antique dresser & of course all of the most lavish jewels!  

There are so many beautiful sparkly gowns lining our closet and racks!

And of course there are shoes of every color lining our trim for the girls to try on! We have many purses & headbands that fill our antique dresser!

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