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Floral Path

Our Storybook

My Secret Garden is a luxury small business established on making magic & creating memories that will last a lifetime! Whether you bring in your little princess to dress up in fancy gowns, or book a whimsical ladies tea, we promise that you will feel the magic & love our cute & quaint atmosphere! When you walk through our front entrance you are enchanted with flowers as if you are walking right into a whimsical fairytale. We are dedicated to making every princess feel beautiful & special during their celebration! The magic begins here, at My Secret Garden.

Miss Rebecca

The Owner & Dreamer

My Secret Garden is a small business that has been hosting dress-up tea parties for nearly 28 years! Miss Rebecca has been the owner & hostess of My Secret Garden since she bought the business in 2001. She has absolutely adored revamping & growing the tea party business ever since. Miss Rebecca prides My Secret Garden on the fundamentals of magic & her favorite quote- "You are never too old to dress up & have a tea party". She believes that My Secret Garden is a place where little princesses can have their dreams become a reality & adults can sit back & enjoy the magic. She cherishes her job which she says doesn't even feel like a job most of the time, "I have always loved working with children and am a girly girl myself. I remember playing dress-up with my sister when we were little girls and I also used to pretend I was a party planner. So I really am blessed and feel like this is the perfect job for me to be able to do".


Since 2001 & for 17 years, My Secret Garden was located in a Victorian home where Miss Rebecca  once lived, transforming it into her business. In May 2018, she relocated the business to another Victorian home in Algonquin on Main Street before deciding to relocate to West Dundee. She is happier than ever to have her tea party business in West Dundee & to finally "make it into the space she always dreamed of". She has been such an amazing inspiration that her daughter has been inspired to help work parties & reimagine & create ideas for the business. 

Miss Rebecca really encourages the feel of being true royalty from her kindness & gentle spirit, she truly has such a heart for magic & each & every guest she meets. She is so gentle & loving-it's no wonder she takes after her favorite princess, Cinderella.


Rebecca is the head hairstylist when it comes to transforming little girls with her Fairy Godmother magic! She works to make effortlessly beautiful hairstyles & up-dos that make girl's feel ever so magical. Miss Rebecca not only is the head of My Secret Garden's Bibbidi Beauty, she works wonders to transform each space with her elegant attention to detail & interior design expertise. Miss Rebecca is the owner of My Secret Garden & she works to make everything as welcoming & magical as she possibly can with a little bit of Pixie Dust, of course! 

Miss Rebecca is always coming up with new ideas & reimagining the business to make it as magical & whimsical as possible for the guests. She strives to make every princess of every age feel beautiful & special, whether it be a birthday celebration, a mama & daughter date, or even just a girl's day! 

Miss Reese

A Hostess & Decorator

Miss Reese is the daughter of the owner of My Secret Garden, Miss Rebecca. Reese has grown up around princesses, dress-up gowns, glass slippers & lots of pink since before she could even walk. She has been the inspiration behind many of the now featured party packages & available tea party events due to her ever-dreaming young heart.


Miss Reese is currently the manager of all of My Secret Garden's social media pages, including Instagram, TikTok, & Facebook, as well as being the website designer & imaginer. She also plays a major role in the interior decorating & dreamwork of the business from the Hope Suite to the three dress-up suites. Miss Reese also is in charge of managing operations such as costume design, Princess training, make-up application & is the creator of the "Lovely Tea Parties" packages.


Of course, she couldn't do any of it by herself, without her inspiration & encouragement from Miss Rebecca. "I have always looked up to my mom growing up, watching her do her hair each morning & put on her fancy makeup- I wanted to be just like her. She loved bringing me with her whenever she worked at My Secret Garden, & I guess that's where the magic all started. She would love to bring my brother & I to Disney any chance she could & she adored dressing me up as a princess. I am so thankful & grateful for all of those core memories & love that she shared to me. I have her & God to thank for where I am today. I couldn't do any of it without her" she remarks. 



Our Atmosphere

My Secret Garden is a special getaway for princesses of every age to have a magical makeover, accessorize, & have a wonderful tea party. Our atmosphere & space is specialized & customized for each party of guests. Gatherings are all exclusive & private for the reserved party. Our tea room & Hope Suite transforms entirely for every theme that is booked & is specialized for your event solely. Our tea tables are adorned in fine linens, graced in classy decor & teacups & teapots. Whimsical lights embellish each window in our tea room & Hope Suite, making magical memories that will last a lifetime. Each tea table is decorated with themed decor & shabby chic elements, along with fanciful candles & lighting. Each entrance & doorway enchants guests with a royal welcome with pink bows & flowers. Visiting My Secret Garden is a magical experience that is sure to provide a relaxing environment that will prompt the guests to take many pictures to capture the magic. We encourage every guest to take as many pictures as they desire & to play into the magic! Each event will be directed & focused on each little princess, so it is in their best interest to limit the number of adults per event to make for the most magical experience. Our space is limited & having too many "kings & queens" can tamper with the magical atmosphere for the young princesses. Our guests should come prepared with their best manners & etiquette for the duration of the event & remember to always drink their tea with their pinkies up!

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Our Take On Luxury

My Secret Garden provides an atmosphere that is full of class & exclusionary elegance. We offer a range of high quality packages & services that are sure to provide the most magical experience for every guest & princess.

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From the music to the decor, everything is themed elegantly. At My Secret Garden, we believe that every guest that walks through our space is a special Princess & should receive the most exclusive of princess treatment. Whether they are a young princess here for a birthday gathering or an elegant Queen here for a ladies gathering, we promise that each guest will be treated with a proper royal pampering & the upmost respect & honor. We assure that each guest will adore our luxurious royal treatment & our beautiful decor & fanciful atmosphere. Our "Fairy Godmothers" are trained to the highest expertise to give each royal guest the most magical of experiences. Our hostesses absolutely adore making magic & ensure that you will feel their excitement & determination to make your visit not only as high quality as possible, but as magical as we can. We love interacting with all of our guests & cannot wait to make more magic with you & your guests.

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The Details

Around every corner, our guests can find beautiful attention to detail in all directions that they may look in our space. There is not one single flower nor teacup that does not have a meaning & place. Our themed parties & princess packages have intention & are decorated to every detail from the fairytale & story. At My Secret Garden, we intend to provide high quality entertainment that is as close as possible to the "theme park magic". My Secret Garden allows different fairytale characters to visit the space before each royal gathering to decorate some of their fairytale magic to bring their favorite "animal friend characters" & storybook details come to life. On various occasions, our "Fairy Godmothers" have used their magical wands to bring in brand new decor for specific events. There will always be something new to look forward to when you visit our fairytale. 

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 When our guests book their package, the space is entirely reserved for that party of guests. Each event that is hosted will be completely exclusive for that specific reserved party of guests & the focus & magic will be directed for those guests solely. When one of our Princess Characters visits My Secret Garden, the experience is completely one on one with the Birthday Girl, as well as each guest invited. Our "Fairy Godmothers" have been thoroughly trained for making each & every guest feel beautiful & special. You don't have to be a birthday girl to feel the love & magic at My Secret Garden. We work with our hardest magic to ensure that each guest will feel special & will receive the kindest of interactions with our hostesses. We aren't just a tea room that is open every day, we are exclusively open for reserved events & gatherings & here to make your experience a fantasy of dreams that have come true. 

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