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-Our Princesses-

Princess characters vary depending on their availability & kingdom adventures. 

Our Princess Characters are highly trained & have remarkable experience in theater, singing, improv & acting . All of our character performers are required to go through thorough & extensive training & studying before they step out into their "glass slippers". Our performers are determined to stay in character at all times no matter the situation, & to ensure the highest quality experience & theme-park quality magic. Our cast studies the characters abundantly in order to provide the most magical experience for our guests. Each character invited to your event will look, act, & sound as close as possible to the character & will always remain authentic to the Princess. Each character has had various amounts of experience working with children & have special places in their hearts for the little ones. Our performers are dedicated to making your experience as magical & as high quality as possible so that our guests will cherish the memories forever.

At the end of each event, the Birthday Girl will receive a personalized autograph & specialized letter

from the character to take back to their palace!

Be sure to check out our "Event" page to view any & all upcoming character meet & greets!


How are our Princess Character invites different?

At My Secret Garden, our "Fairy Godmothers" use their very best magic to help completely transform our Hope Suite & tea room into the fairytale that these characters stepped right out of. Each of our Character's gowns and attire are professionally sewn and intricately designed to resemble the Princess Character's authentic look and storybook attire. We have elaborate decor that is gracefully implemented & we have paid extensive attention to detail. Our "palace" rooms are graced delightfully with elegant & chic decorations that are as if right from the Princesses' kingdom palaces.You are more than welcome to bring autograph books for our characters to sign with their signature autographs!


When you invite a princess character at My Secret Garden, you are inviting the whole fairytale too.


Invite Elsa to your special event! Elsa is confident & caring, regal & reserved. She loves transforming My Secret Garden's tea room into a magical frozen wonderland in the wintertime! Guests can partake in classic sing-alongs & ice magic with Elsa during the duration of the party! Elsa is a wonderful character to invite to your event & is now visiting My Secret Garden throughout the spring & summer months in various gowns & attire! Elsa will showcase some of her magical powers during your event & throughout the Hope Suite & tea room. 


Magical & courageous, Cinderella is a kind-hearted & delightful princess to invite to your event! With the help of her Fairy Godmother, the tea room & Hope Suite are magically transformed into a beautiful Bibbidi Bobbidi Ball for guests to enjoy! Cinderella displays some of her royal characteristics such as, ballroom dancing, proper etiquette & curtsying! Cinderella loves showcasing her kindness & courage & story telling some of her adventures & stories with her various animal friends. 

Princess Belle

Princess Belle is intelligent & her love for reading adventure & romance is so significant to her. She loves learning with her active imagination & her open mind & she is a wonderful princess to invite to your next event! Princess Belle adores reading some of her favorite stories to her guests at each party she is invited to! She will even reenact some of her favorite ballroom dancing that she enjoys back in her castle with the Beast. Belle will sing some of her favorite songs & tell stories of her various adventures & interactions with the Beast & Gaston!



Princess Aurora

Fairy Godmother


Anna is energetic & optimistic. Anna can be awkward at times but her kindness & love towards others always shines through. Her personality is exciting & she is adventurous & impulsive. Anna loves cracking jokes & talking about her best friend, Olaf, & some of their favorite adventures together! She almost always is eating chocolate & is the most smiley princess you will ever meet. Anna has just begun visiting My Secret Garden, so she needs Elsa to stick by her side when she is invited to an event. She is so excited to meet all of her new friends, wearing her favorite dress that Elsa made her! 

Princess Aurora, otherwise known as Sleeping Beauty, is graceful & elegant. She is kindhearted & soft spoken & oh so very romantic. She adores meeting new princesses & loves twirling & dancing with guests. She is very loving & gentle & treasures precious hugs & moments with princesses. Aurora is very sweet & friendly to her guests & will showcase her very favorite dances that she learned from her Good Fairies. She is one of the dreamiest princesses & loves to bring some of her beautiful pink roses & some of her very favorite gowns that her Good Fairies made for the princesses to try on & twirl around in! She loves sharing stories about the Good Fairies & their crazy color-changing disagreements!

Cinderella's Fairy Godmother is the magical embodiment of a motherly mentor. The Fairy Godmother is the most magical & gentle fairy that you will ever meet. She is kind, hopeful, magical, sparkly, devoted, noble & of course, the best Fairy Godmother ever. She is devoted to making dreams come true for the faithful, hopeful, & noble-hearted with the three simple words- "Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo"! She will fairy dust each guest under a spell of her magical sparkles at each event & showcase some of her magic. The Fairy Godmother has just begun visiting My Secret Garden, & since her magic only works with her "goddaughter", Cinderella will be with her at all events! 


Alice In Wonderland

Princess Ariel


Curious & wildly imaginative, Alice is always eager to attend any "Very Merry Unbirthday" as long as there is a spot of tea involved! Alice is polite & gentle but has a little bit of an extraordinary outlook on Wonderland. She is always up for a cup of tea especially if it means sticking her pinky up while she drinks! She is very interested in others & loves listening to stories as well as telling a few of her own fairytales. The Mad Hatter has rubbed off on her a tad bit when it comes to singing & dancing & celebrating any & all occasions, so she is perfect for any celebration or occasion you might be visiting My Secret Garden for. 

Bright, curious, & adventurous, this little mermaid is loving visiting the surface on her new human legs! She is so fascinated by the human world and loves learning about all of the thingamabobs on land. She is a spirited princess who can be a bit clumsy sometimes with her new legs, but she loves dancing on land & singing with her voice since she finally got it back! She is so excited to make a splash & bring some of her favorite sea foam and bubble  themed gowns for the Princess mermaids to try on! Ariel is so excited to finally be visiting our world at My Secret Garden and cannot wait to bring all of her new human friends down to the mermaid world in her specialized Under the Sea Tea party package. 



Rapunzel is a playful, spontaneous spirited princess that loves adventure! Rapunzel showcases her kingdom dancing, perfected painting skills & love for her animal friends! Her decorative arts enchant the space into a colorful, magical nighttime celebration! She enjoys bringing along Pascal to each event & telling all of her favorite things since being out of her tower & meeting Eugene. Rapunzel is kind & exciting & will always be willing to try new things & learn about the guest's favorite hobbies! Sometimes she invites Flynn Rider if you ask her & Pascal & Maximus approve (additional cost). 

At this time Rapunzel has many kingdom adventures & will  be temporarily unavailable to visit My Secret Garden.


Mary Poppins

Practically perfect in every way & particularly extraordinary as well as sometimes strange, she is the neatest & tidiest of all. Mary Poppins is always exciting & there is never a dull moment with her present at any gathering. She is sure to provide a wonderful experience, along with making sure each guest is as proper as can be & using their very best manners & etiquette. She is perfect for teaching guests how to be proper & polite throughout the duration of the event. Mary is extremely kindhearted & nurturing but efficient in ensuring each guest stays in line in the most loving of manners. She is extremely magical & ever so fun to interact with. She will be sure to bring her parasol & of course, a "Spoonful of Sugar"!



She is friendly, optimistic, bubbly and of course, she LOVES pink! She is a kind-hearted friend that adores getting to meet new dolls! She is so thrilled about attending My Secret Garden as an official character! She will always be wearing more pink than one could possibly dream of, and cannot wait to tell all of her doll friends about her Barbie Dreamhouse & all of her fashion outfits from her overflowing pink closet! She is such a pinktastic doll to have around and celebrate with. She will showcase some of her party dance moves & even sprinkle each doll guest with pink glitter at the party! She can be invited to any regular party package, excluding Princess Party Packages & themed tea parties.

Our Characters can be invited to any event including our Dress-Up & Tea Packages, Specialty Teas, & even ladies teas! However, guests will get the most magical experience when the characters are invited to their specific themed package! Characters invited to our non-princess party packages will bring some of their small special touches of magic including some of their "animal friends", floral elements & themed decor! Princess Characters cannot be invited to party packages for other princesses that are not from their kingdom!

Our 20% gratuity charge to all parties does not directly go to our Princesses,

so a specialty Princess gratuity is gratefully appreciated, but not required. 

It is not the intention of My Secret Garden to violate any copyright or trademark laws. Any resemblance to copyrighted, licensed, or trademarked characters is not our intention & entirely coincidental. By booking one of our Princess Characters, you hereby are affirming that you are aware that we do not represent nor offer any licensed, copyrighted, or trademarked characters at My Secret Garden.

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