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Dollies & Me Stories & Tea Time

Bring along your favorite doll to a tea party!

Guests can enjoy this special gathering with their favorite doll to bring along to join them for a special tea party! Guests should come wearing their favorite tea party attire with matching dolls! This gathering is 45 minutes long and includes stories & a special tea party! This is the perfect package for little get-togethers & playdates! Invite your little one's friends to join them for this fun gathering! 

This event is open to little girls ages 3 & up. 

Package Details

 Menu includes:

  • Princess Tea
  • mini marshmallows
  • princess snack mix
  • mini muffins
  • fudge striped cookies


$18 per guest plus 20% gratuity 

 Add-on options:


  • Personalized Fancy Invitations: $3/invitation

  • Special 14-inch Take Home Doll: $40/doll

  • application of glamour make-up & nail polish: $6/guest

  • elegant sprinkle cupcakes: $2/ guest

  • butter croissant: $2/ guest

  • turkey & cheese croissant: $.50/guest

  • fresh fruit cups: $3.50/ guest

  • fresh cut rose: $3/ guest

  • fresh mini flower bouquet: $7/ guest

  • hot tea & fresh baked scone: $6/ adult

  • adult refreshment tray: $30 (fresh fruit & pastries)

  • assortment of hot tea: $2/ guest

  • 2 tier Sugarlicious cake: $85

  • 30 minutes of dress-up time: $12/guest

  • fabulous hair-up do: $22/guest

Weekday Parties require a 4 guest minimum.

Weekend Parties require an 6 guest minimum.

18% gratuity added to all gatherings. Maximum number of guests is 16. Parties with 10 or more guests will require additional staff and an additional $20 fee.

Please advise in advance of any food allergies.

 Gluten-Free &/or Dairy-Free options available for additional up charge!

 We kindly ask that guests & parents of the little ones not wear outside shoes

during the duration of the party -socks/slippers are gladly appreciated! 

We appreciate your cooperation in keeping a clean & safe environment for our guests!

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