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Upcoming Events!

You definitely don't want to miss out!

To reserve a spot or if you have any questions or inquiries, 

call or text (815) 922-1237 for more details!

Please have guests wear a leotard/bathing suit for modest costume changes if the event includes dress-up!

We kindly ask that guests & parents of the little ones (or those participating in the event)

 not wear  outside shoes during the duration of the party-socks/slippers are gladly appreciated!

We appreciate your cooperation in keeping a clean & safe environment for our guests!

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Sleeping Beauty's Sweetheart's Princess Brunch: Dining Experience

Celebrate Valentine's Day with a beautiful Princess Brunch, draped with picturesque elegance & pink linens & decor. Each table will be graced with beautiful antiques & romantic decor, paired with lovely laces & chic fine China. The guests will meet the hostess, Princess Aurora, & then head to the Fairytale Hall to meet Ariel & Princess Belle! Princess Aurora has invited her three Good Fairies to adorn the tearoom into an elegant romantic ballroom for her guests. After the young princesses meet each Princess, the guests will venture into the Hope tea room & suite to find their reserved seating. Princess Aurora will perform an intimate ballroom dance & perform a welcoming declamation as the other princesses will perform a royal precede. The Princesses will all follow with assorted dancing & perform some of their very favorite songs. As the dining show is in performance, the guests will be treated to a delicious refreshing menu of pastries & other various treats, along with a lush lavender lemonade. The guests will participate in portraits with each of the Princesses & listen to some of their very favorite stories! Each guest will receive a specialized signature autograph from all of the Princesses. Prince Philip may make an entrance dependent on his kingdom adventures! 

Event is 2 hours long.

$85/guest under the age of 12 plus 18% gratuity

$45/adult over the age of 12 for dining experience plus 18% gratuity


Event includes:

  • Royal meet & greet with Princess Aurora, Belle & Ariel

  • photoshoots & photo ops with the Princess Characters

  • ballroom dancing & singing with the Princesses

  • Royal Ballroom dining performance

  • storytelling from the 3 Princesses 

  • elegant tea party brunch

    • lush lavender lemonade

    • assortment of hot teas for adults

    • toasted buttered croissants

    • warm cinnamon roll bites

    • fresh fruit cup medley

    • gourmet scones

  • specialty Royal Autograph from the Princesses

February 3rd
from 4-6pm


This event has limited capacity & reservations book quickly.

Available for girls & boys ages 3-12 & adults!

Event is open to the public, but reservations must be made in advance!

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Sweetheart's Tea

Celebrate the season of love with an ever so romantic Valentine's Day Tea Party! A delightful tea perfect for a Galentine’s Day celebration, a sweet Valentine’s Day gift for a special lady, a wonderful romantic tea date or just a precious time to celebrate the pink & bows of the season with a lovely princess or fair queen! We will be serving delightful treats & pastries with fresh buttered croissants, toasted petit quiches, a lovely fruit medley with a flower garnish & a gourmet sugar cookie elegantly decorated. Our tables will be adorned in fanciful lace linens & romantic decor with bows & flowers galore. 

Reservation slot is 45 minutes long.

$35/adult guest over the age of 12

$30/guest under the age of 12


Event includes:

  • lovely decorated tea tables with fanciful decor

  • elegant tea party

    • princess tea for guests under 12​

    • assortment of hot teas for adult guests

    • array of pastries & treats 

    • fresh fruit medley

    • toasted buttered croissants

    • gourmet petite quiches

    • gourmet sugar cookie

  • photo ops in our beautiful tea room

Special add-ons:

  • romantic flowers for the lovely lady in a beautiful flower bouquet with ribbon: $10/bouquet

  • gourmet turkey & cheese toasted croissant sandwich: $5.50/guest

  • specialized invitation to the Sweetheart's Tea: $2.50/invite


This event is the perfect gift to give your special lady for Valentine's Day!

We offer gift certificates for this event,

if you are interested just

send us a text or an email!

Kings are allowed if they are accompanied by their queen of course, & use their most royal king etiquette!

Available for ages 5 & up!

 Reservations must be made

in advance!

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Be Mine for Galentine's Brunch

Celebrate a lovely Galentine's Day tea party fit for all of the lovely coquette lovers & perfect for every chic pink girly girl. This tea party will be filled with all of the most beautiful of bows, pinks, laces, & antique decorations. The tea tables will be graced in beautiful pink & white linens with laces on top & lovely pink & red flower petals. Chic greenery & baby pink florals will enchant the space & each tea table to decorate for the ambiance. Whimsical pink & white candles will adorn the tables as beautiful music graces throughout tea rooms. Each guest will be served on fine China with graced doily chargers underneath & gold silverware. The champagne glasses will have baby pink bows around the stems to enhance the luxurious atmosphere. Each guest should come dressed in their most lovely of romantic pink & red Valentine's attire with a beautiful bow in their hair to tie in with the theme! 

Reservation slot is 1 hour long.

$40/guest plus 18% gratuity 

Event includes:

  • lovely decorated tea tables with fanciful decor

  • elegant tea party

    • chilled lemon water

    • chilled pink lemonade with cotton candy

    • array of pastries 

    • fresh fruit parfait 

    • warmed buttered croissants

    • gourmet sugar cookie

    • berry & cream cheese tea sandwiches

  • photo ops in our beautiful tea rooms

Special add-ons:

  • beautiful flower bouquet with ribbon: $15/bouquet

  • beautiful pink hair bow: $6/guest

February 17th,
11:00 am to
12:00 pm

We offer gift certificates for this event,

if you are interested just

send us a text or an email!

This is a tea that is specialized for all of our lovely ladies, so we kindly ask that it would be a girl's only day!

Available for ages 12 & up!

 Reservations must be made

in advance!

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