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The Golden Girl

Forever golden!

Celebrating a golden birthday? My Secret Garden specializes in golden birthdays to make your golden girl feel extra special & golden on her magical day! 

Our golden girl will arrive early so that she may receive a magical makeover with a specialty hair up-do with luscious curls & twists, elegant golden sparkle in her hair & a beautiful golden tiara! The golden girl will have a beautiful makeup application with lovely eyeshadow, golden glitter, specialty face gems, rosey blush, & the perfect shade of lipstick. She will even get to pick out the most beautiful nail polish color with a golden sparkle topcoat. The rest of her guests will receive a magical makeover with makeup application & a lovely nail polish treatment! 

After the magical makeover, the golden girl will take part in a magical photoshoot with our specialty posing & retouched & edited portraits. The guests will be able to dress-up in our Enchanted Dress-up Suites with golden gowns, our other fanciful dresses & beautiful accessories. After dress-up, guests will be led downstairs to our tea room to take in the beautifully golden table decor & centerpieces. There will be a specialty golden themed menu with an exclusive Gold Rush refresher! Specialty golden invitations will be custom-made for your golden girl & her guests before their royal arrival! There will be elegant touches of gold throughout the tea room & Hope Suite to make it as golden & magical as can be.

Add-on options:

  • Birthday Girl Pink Satin Robe: $22

  • fresh buttered croissant: $3/ guest

  • fresh cut rose: $3/ guest

  • fresh mini flower bouquet: $7/ guest

  • hot tea & fresh baked scone: $6/ adult

  • adult refreshment tray: $30 (fresh fruit & pastries)

  • assortment of hot tea: $2/ guest

  • 2 tier Signature Sugarlicious cake: $85

Weekday Parties require a 6 guest minimum. 

Weekend Parties require an 8 guest minimum.

 Maximum number of guests is 18.

We will gladly host parties for smaller groups,

but the minimum charge still applies!

 We limit the number of  adults to 5 per party 

-each additional adult will be a $5 up charge! 

Parties with 10 or more guests will require 

additional staff and an additional $20 fee.


Package Details

Menu includes:

  • Gold Rush Refresher
  • Golden dream turkey & cheese sandwiches
  • Golden grahams yogurt parfait
  • variety of golden lemon pastries
  • Glittery gold vanilla cake


(Tea and Treats will be served on our

fine China plates, tea cups and saucers)

Package includes the following for each guest:

  • Glamour Make-up Application (Eye shadow, blush, glitter, nail polish & lip stick) 
  • 45 minutes of Dress-up & Play Time in the Dress-up rooms
  • 45 minutes of Tea Time & Present Opening in the Hope Room
  • Personalized invitations for each guest
  • Specialty golden decor & Centerpieces
  • Take-home gold sugar rush gift bags 

Golden Birthday Girl Gifts:

  • Gold Tiara Take-Home

  • Glamorous Hair Up-Do

  • Gold Sugar Rush Gift Bag

  • Specialty Portraits & Photoshoot

    • (5 edited & retouched personal photos w/ specialized posing of the Birthday Girl without our watermark that can be directly downloaded)


$90 for Golden Girl plus 20% gratuity

$50 per Guest plus 20% gratuity


Please have guests wear a leotard/bathing suit for modest costume changes.

Please advise in advance of any food allergies.

Gluten-Free &/or Dairy-Free options available for additional up charge!

We kindly ask that parents of the birthday girl's guests

 not wear outside shoes during the duration of the party-socks/slippers are gladly appreciated!

We appreciate your cooperation in keeping a clean & safe environment for the little ladies!

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