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Midsummer Soirée

Hors d'oeuvre options:

  • caprese salad w/ balsamic vinegar: $5.50/guest

  • specialty yogurt parfaits w/granola: $5/guest

  • hand tossed salad: $4.50/guest

  • fresh fruit cups: $3.50/guest

  • vegetable platter: $15 (up to 5 guests)

  • charcuterie board (dried meats, array of cheeses, chocolates, assortment of fruits, & crackers): $30 (up to 5 guests)


Entrée options:

  • avocado toast w/cherry tomatoes: $7/guest

  • cucumber & cream cheese w/dill tea sandwiches $5/guest

  • turkey & cheese croissants: $5.50/guest

  • red pepper & pesto tea sandwiches: $5/guest


Le dessert options:

  • assortment of pastries: $20 (up to 5 guests)

  • gourmet cupcakes: $3.50/guest

  • fresh baked scone: $4/guest

  • decorative sugar cookies: $3/guest

  • delicious macaron: $3.50/guest

  • 2 tier flower cake: $75


La Boisson options:

  • lemon water (included)

  • assortment of hot teas

  • cold peach tea

  • raspberry lemonade

  • strawberry lemonade


*Tea and treats will be served on our

fine China plates, tea cups and saucers!*

Looking to celebrate a sweet 16 or maybe an even sweeter 17th birthday party?

Let us host your sweetest birthday celebration! Invite your closest friends & family to a floral tea party, adorned in pink & pretty pastels! Come dressed in your favorite tea party outfit that ties in with the light & airy tea theme! Treat your guests with a beautiful flower crown to wear for the duration of the tea!

Tea & photo ops are 1 hour long!


Available for reservation during the 

spring & summer months!

Pricing varies depending on what menu your party chooses! You may choose up to 2 appetizers, 1 entree, up to 2 desserts, & 2 drink options! You may request to add on more appetizers, entrees, desserts, or beverages for an additional charge! All parties will include an 18% gratuity that will be added to the final total.

Add-on options:

  • Personalized Fancy Invitations: $2/invitation

  • flower crown take-home: $8/guest

  • goody gift: $6.50/guest

  • hot tea & fresh baked scone: $6/ adult

  • fresh flower: $2/ guest

  • fabulous hair-up do: $20/birthday girl

  • 5 Specialized Portraits & Mini Photo-Shoot: $30

    • 5 edited & retouched personal photos w/ specialized posing of the Birthday Girl without our watermark that can be directly downloaded

Maximum number of guests is 25.

Parties with 10 or more guests will require additional staff and an additional $20 fee.


An initial $20 fee is required to secure your reservation & accommodate your party.

Menu Options

Please advise in advance of any food allergies.

Gluten-Free, Vegan, Nut-Free, &/or Dairy-Free options available for additional up-charge 

(must be advised in advance to accommodate allergies/sensitivities)!

We kindly ask that guests & parents not wear outside shoes during the duration of the party -socks/slippers are gladly appreciated! We appreciate your cooperation in keeping a clean & safe environment for our guests!

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